What occurs when Melinda is supposed to give the report on the Suffragettes in Mr. Neck’s class?

Speak by: Laurie Halse Anderson

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On the day that Melinda is to give her report to the class, she writes a message on the blackboard and covers it with a suffragette protest poster. When Mr. Neck nods at her to begin, Melinda picks up her report as if she is going to read it, but instead rips the poster off of the blackboard. On the board she has written a message about the suffragettes and their strength in standing up for what they believe in. She maintains that she has the right to stand up against giving speeches. David hands out copies of Melinda’s essay to the class. Although Melinda plans on standing silently in the front of the room for five minutes, Mr. Neck gives her a D and escorts her to the main office.