Song of Solomon

Why did the Shulimite need to tell the King in Song 1:5-6 of being "black but comely?"

It is already answered for us in verse six. The Shulimite's blackened skin was due to an exposure injury to the sun, 1:6, "Look not upon me; because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me." Her mother's other children, her sibblings were angry with her and made her "keeper of the vineyards." Sadly, she informs the King, her love, that she has nothing to offer him from the fruits of her own vineyard, "for mine own vineyard have I not kept." The blackened skin condition was not an allusion to her race, but rather to a deliberate injury of sun exposure. Moreover, her living in a sinful world, with sinful sibblings (for whatever reasons it was that their anger arose); and that, the Shulimite pleads that Solomon considers her "comeliness" (beauty or suitablity).

The King does inspect her beauty. In the Song of Songs we will read 1:8, "O thou fairest among women;" 1:15-16, "Behold, thou art fair, My beloved..thou hast doves eyes," 4:6, cf. 2:10; 2:13; 4:1; 5:9; 6:1; 6:4; 6:10. The Shulimite, Song 1:5-6, excuses her blackened skin injury, but informs the King of her "suitableness" to His "great desire" in finding HIS BEAUTY IN HER. In Psalm 45:9-11 the King's daughters are address and verse 11 informs us that the King (God) greatly desires "thy beauty: for He is the Lord,and worship thou Him." Five chapters later in the Psalms, Psalms 50:1-2, the LORD further instructs us about "His Beauty" program, when He says, "Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, GOD HATH SHINED." It is not her physical beauty in focus here, but rather, the true beauty that only God can give to any soul, injured by the fall; but made SUITABLE BY GOD'S GRACE ALONE! This is not a remaking of her, with her own failing qualities; but rather a "new creature." She is no longer to be off on her own; separated from Him; and by her self vunerable and helpless. A loner! The Shulimite is being offered A LOVE FAR GREATER, AND ONLY DESIRED BY THE KING! To this she continues to repeat in saying, both in her heart, and in her mine, "Draw ME" "Draw ME" "Draw ME."

Further, it is instructive to make a listing of the pronouns of this book. The things weighing upon the heart of the Shulimite is the 1) FIRST kiss from Him (God's Choice) 1:4; 2) her continued desire and cry, "Draw ME!", (her great desire to come to Him; to know Him and to grow further in Him) 1:4; and 3) the King has brought me into His Chambers, (where His mercy seat is found) 1:4. In comparison, the followers of the Shulimite are attentively listening to her actual experience with Him and return a reply, 1) we will run after thee, 1:4; 2) we will be glad and rejoice in thee, 1:4 and 3) tell us, Shulimite, where does the King walk and appear that we might seek Him with thee, 6:1. The testimony of His "good name" is proven, without ever failing, by the Shulimite. She is an actual testimonial by experience to His Name and her follower are witnesses. His Name is faithful and true altogether; and His word is yea and amen!

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