Song of Solomon

1. What are two elements of fate or chance which determine that Milkman will stop in Shalimar and that he will live a while longer?

Needs answers from chapter 11 about Shalimar

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He stops his car in front of Solomon's General Store, not out of choice but only because his fan belt broke, and purchases cherry-flavored soda inside. Inside, the owner informs Milkman that his friend had just been there looking for him. Milkman is surprised, even more so when he hears that Guitar left him a message of "your day is here." He soon comes to believe that Guitar is searching for him for professional reasons, as part of his Seven Days persona. These become fateful moments for milkman.

Milkman's metaphorical change goes hand in hand with his rebirth at the hands of his best friend, Guitar. As Guitar wrings the life out of Milkman through a wire, Milkman sees dancing lights and hears music, all the while he "had just drawn the last sweet air just left for him in the world." This suggestion that that Milkman dies is emphasized through his transformation. At that point in time, Milkman undergoes a rebirth because he survives his death to come back a changed man.