Skellig Analysis

A book gives the impression of a good, kind, simple and sincere tale. "Skellig" is a wonderful tale of love and faith, child’s seriousness and naivety. The tale is simple, very easy and sincere. It teaches us to look at the world with wide-open eyes, to see deeper, hear more, and feel sincerer.

When you hear the word "angel", you constrainedly imagine a kind of overgrown cherub: blond hair, a white toga, huge white wings, and general impression of the health and well-being. It’s difficult to not even take Almond’s angel for an actual angel, he won’t actually pass for a man at once: black clothes, grumpy, has arthritis, and even carries for an impressive trail of garbage odors. Just feel like saying, what kind of world, the same is the angel.

But in fact, the story is not about that. It's about Michael, who had a terribly sick baby-sister, about Mine, who is not understood and is not accepted by her peers, about their parents, that trapped above the top of ordinary human problems, which do not give breathe, and even about a cat Whisper and owls in the attic. It would seem, well, what does it have to do with the angels? Maybe, anything. And maybe, everything - it depends.

On the one hand, the joyful moments are so rare in the book that it's even scaring – sun more often comes from behind the clouds during the hurricane than the good news happen in "Skellig". On the other hand, the general sadness of the story somehow makes the book extremely easy, even air in some way - whether because it as much as two angels, or Almond has a talent to build strong bridges above the stormy waters. And you don’t just totter to the final, tired of the characters’ experiences, but you fly, as if you have the wings, dreaming of about the continuation of history, or at least of another meeting with someone of its heroes.

There is no action or some rapidly occurring events in this story, and it is not necessary, love and friendship come to the foreground here, caring for close people and children's belief in miracles.

The boy’s worrying for his little sister - that is a pure and loving heart.

This book teaches to appreciate friendship, be unselfish and it says that the kindness and love can work wonders.

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