Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

the three animals hunted by the lord are closely related to the three bedroom scenes. why?

Gawain is visited three times by the lady of the each visit to his bedroom, her behaviour changes

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the first day the lord hunts a deer. if we relate it to the lady of the castle visitin gawain's bedroom, it can bre said that her behaviour towards Gawain is similar to this animal due to the fact that a deer don't represent resistance nor danger to the hunters.

the second day the lord hunts a boar. hunting a boar is not as easy as a deer. the hunters have to be on their ward cause this is a wild animal. the lady's behaviour, in the second visit, is more savage

the third day the lord hunts a fox. a fox is a cunning animal and so is the lady.the lady always wants more and gawain is no ready to give her what she asks but finally gawain accepts the girdle, and she feels satisfied