Silas Marner

which are the places and which are the charecters related to that place in silas marner by george eliot?


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Only two places are used as the setting of Silas Marner. Lantern Yard is the village where Silas Marner had established his business. He was forced to leave lantern yard, however, when he was accused by William Dane of stealing money from the church while sitting watch at the bedside of a dying deacon.

Silas leaves lantern yard to settle in a small provincial village, Raveloe. There the most prominent family is the family of Squire Cass and his two sons, Dunstan and Godfrey. Another prominent family is the Lammeter family. In addition, it is in Raveloe that Silas finds Eppie on his doorstep. Eppie is a young child whos mother died in a snowstorm. Silas takes Eppie in and raises her to adulthood.