Silas Marner

Describe how Marner's personal life changed because of the theft of bis money.

chapter 10. 

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The theft of his money caused Marner to slip into an inexpressibly deep depression. Although his was a dreary existence before, at least with his hoard he had something on which to focus his energies, some evidence of his importance to the world. Without his gold, he is left hollow and desolate, fulfilled only by a low, moaning grief.

Still, Marner has changed in the eyes of his fellow villagers. He is no longer considered a diabolical master of the unknown art of the loom. He is seen as rather stupid but also humanly unfortunate, too dull to take care of himself. The villagers pity him somewhat, visiting and bringing gifts. Mr. Macey, in his attempt to cheer Marner up, merely manages to insinuate that it is obvious that Marner is too weak and frightened himself to be suspected of anything like deception. This attempt at kindness falls upon Marner "as sunshine falls upon the wretched."