A Rose For Emily and Other Short Stories

What is the Date, Time, and Place or Miss Emily's viewing and burial?

This is sooo important I have to write and obituary for my English honors class. If you have any more information that would help me please tell me!

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The place is Jefferson, Mississippi; I don't believe an exact date is cited, but I'll go look through the text.

The funeral is two days later after she died.

The exact date is not cited, but in looking through various timelines created for the short-story, it seems as if the year 1935 could be the year of her death. The viewing was in her home,

I don't think it even tells the reader what day she dies either.

No, it gives no exact dates whatsoever in regards to her death. In fact, there are no exact dates anywhere in the text, unless of course you count 1894, which has nothing to do with the year of her death.