A Rose For Emily and Other Short Stories

how does the town appear to cover up emily's ill-deeds and refuse to divulge any questionable goings on in her life?

to preserve her good name.

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They make excuses for her. They say what happened was none of anybody's bussiness but her own. She purchases a mortal poison; Homer Barron is seen for the last time entering her house; a couple of days later a terrible stench of cadaver occurs around her house. It is a clear case, but the folks in town did not even suspect her. They were more embarrassed of making remarks about the smell. As the Judge said, "Dammit sir, will you accuse a lady of smelling bad?"(80). As a result they sneaked around the house and sprinkled lime to extinguish the terrible stink. In a way it was also a quick and smooth operation to prevaricate from digging deeper to find out the truth. A truth which they did not want to now. Miss Emily, who probably was both indifferent and unconscious of the crime she had committed, had not even bothered to conceal her traces. Instead of taking the reality as it was objectively, they romanticized everything to her benefit to maintain the bond to their inherence.