Selected Short Stories

Write a sentence that describes Choi Kyung Sik's feelings as he was detained in Angel Island?'s holding center.

A Night at the Immigration Station
by Choi Kyung Sik
This tired traveler
Has crossed a vast ocean --
Why must I sleep behind iron bars?
The rain cries out and wakes me up
Because it pities me.
Angel Island, sleeping tight,
No matter whether you hear this song or not,
It is the complaint of a foreign guest
Whose whole heart is burning.

Even though it’s said America is wonderful,
How pathetic it has made me.
If my mother knew about this,
How shocked she would be.
This border created by rascals –
When can it be broken?
I hope people all over the world
Will become brothers soon.

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Choi Kyung Sik feels alone and disillusioned: he feels like a forgotten foreigner in an American prison.