Second Treatise of Government

as a social contract theory commonwealth criticism that we are incapable to care about our own welfare than,why it is said that justice favors only the strong resolve this

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The Second Treatise on Government develops Locke's own detailed account of the origin, aims, and structure of any civil government. Adopting a general method similar to that of Hobbes, Locke imagined an original state of nature in which individuals rely upon their own strength, then described our escape from this primitive state by entering into a social contract under which the state provides protective services to its citizens. Unlike Hobbes, Locke regarded this contract as revokable. Any civil government depends on the consent of those who are governed, which may be withdrawn at any time.

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I think I read somewhere that justice favours only the strong and offers no protection to the weak.So, if we consider the commonwealth mentality of say Britain, the saying makes sense. To a colonial power like Britain or whoever, justice is on their side simply because they had the power to "civilize" a country in need of "civilizing". Justice, to the colonizing force, is simply on their side. Although commonwealth ideology sees the "mother country" as some sort of benevolent force that binds countries in need of guidance, they (the occupiers) will always have justice on their side simply because they have the guns. That's just my take.