Romeo and Juliet

Several characters criticize Romeo for falling in love too quickly. Do you believe this is true? Does his tendency towards infatuation give the audience a reason to question Romeo's affection for Juliet? (Respond in three paragraphs citing evidence from t

Act One, Scene One (Lines 1-75 ONLY!)

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It seems that Romeo is easily smitten, extremely impulsive, and definitely follows his heart instead of his head. It's hard not to agree with the other characters. How often do you hear of a young man who is heartbroken over one girl in the afternoon, and then head over heels in love with another the same night. Romeo doesn't seem to think out of the moment, and he certainly doesn't think ahead. I'd have to agree with those who question the authenticity of his love, but I do see him as smitten with Juliet.


Romeo and Juliet