Romeo and Juliet

Sc. 2, Lines 56–81: Summarize what happens in this passage. Explain why you think Romeo will take the chance of attending the party at the Capulet house. What could possibly happen if Romeo does attend?

Act 1 Scene 2

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A messenger from the Capulet house is sent to hand out invitations to the Capulet party. The messenger cannot read. Romeo reads the invitations for him. Romeo is pretty depressed about his unrequited love for Rosaline.Benvolio convinces Romeo that there will be many girls there better looking than Rosaline. He says the party will take Romeo's mind off his thoughts about Rosaline. Romeo really has nothing to lose at this point. He will go with his friends. Romeo falls in and out of love easily. It is a good bet he will see another girl that he can obsess about.

Romeo thinks that the woman he loves will be there and he wants to sit on the sidelines and just admire her. However, unless he is hidden and masked, he could cause quite a riot when he is discovered since he is from the opposite family from Capulet, Juliet's father, who is giving the ball.