Romeo and Juliet

How do William Shakespeare's characters in the play exemplify the theme "Teen agers are not well equipped to make life-changing decisions" ?

We have to provide quotes for evidence from the text. We have only read up until Act II Scene 3. I already have one quote. It is from the balcony scene in Act II Scene II when they are discussing marriage even though they just met eachother 2 hours earlier.

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They go from just meeting and being attracted to one another in the matter of one act and a couple of scenes. They start by saying "I will see you later" to Juliet saying, "If thy purpose be honorable, thy suit marriage, send one to me tomorrow at 9" and she will lay all her fortunes at his feet. That is pretty impulsive for two kids who just met and who have never even really danced together.


Romeo and Juliet