Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

what were the reasons given when mama was fired?

It was in chapters 8

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The reasons were filled with racism and bigotry. Mama is teaching about slavery and all the atrocities that took place. Granger and one of the Wallace brothers have come to Mama's class and hear Mama talk about slavery. Her explanations don't follow the official white account that is written in the textbook. The men smirk and demand to know why Mama is not teaching properly. Mama explains that the "facts" in the book are lies. Granger replies, "I expect you'd best just forget about teaching altogether...then that away you'll have plenty of time to write your own book." Mama has been fired.

Well first of all, Mamma got fired because Mr.Grnager found the books that were covered up. And they didn't like it so they told the school board and she got nfired for vandiling the books


Roll of Thunder hear my Cry

Alyla, no, I just read the book, Granger came in and took a history book from a childs desk and looked through it, he told Mama that she was supposed to teach from what was in the book, instead, she tought about slavery