Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

what is mrs. logan's reaction t the news miss crocker bring about her childrens behavior ? what does this tell us about her ? what dos she decide to do with her class's book?

help pliz

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When Cassie sees Miss Crocker showing her mother the book that Little Man broke, she hears her say that she cannot understand why the children got so upset about what was written in the inside cover. Though Mama says that Miss Crocker had the right to punish them for disobeying, she clearly doesn't agree with her. Mama trims brown paper to the size of the page and glues it over the inside covers of her children's books. Miss Crocker is shocked that she would "damage" county property, but Mama says she is going to do it to all the seventh graders' books the next day. Cassie can tell that her mother understands, and sneaks away.