Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Define respect and tell how a person earns it. What is wrong with using violence to demand respect? When,if ever, is violence an okay or necessary solutoin.

Answer every thing

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Are these general questions or related to Roll Thunder Hear my Cry?


So are you wanting me to relate this question to the book?

read the questoin then relate that

Okay, this is a pretty detailed question for this short answer forum space. The Logan family demands respect within their community. They try to help blacks in their community with resources, council, and problems with white landowners. The Logans teach their children to respect elders in the black community and even certain members of the white community. Violence is never a force that the Logans want to use. Any violence they display against whites will hurt their own people more in the end. The Logans will use violence to defend themselves. Your question, however, depends on many variables if you take it outside the context of the book.

if you can. can you give me a answer to outside of the book?