What are some of the thoughts, questions, and fears going through the narrator’s mind in these chapters? Fill the head outline below with at least eight things (words, images, etc.) the narrator has in her mind.

From chapters 12–14

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The heroine is still struggling in her new role: when she accidentally breaks a valuable glass figure, she deliberately does not mention the mishap, and hides the shattered pieces at the back of a desk drawer. When Mrs. Danvers blames a servant for the ornament's absence, the heroine is forced to tell what happened, and to apologize to the housekeeper for not informing her earlier. Maxim finds the whole incident amusing, but it upsets the heroine terribly; she tells him that she feels out-of-place, and uneducated, and unprepared for her responsibilities as his wife. He tries to sooth her, but by the conversation's end she worries that the marriage is failing.