Ray Bradbury: Short Stories

1. Explain what George and Lydia see in their first visit to the playroom; be specific. Why does it make him laugh when she almost cries? Give quotes as evidence.

Bradbury's "The Veldt"
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George and Lydia see the African Veldt. The stench of animals and death linger in the air. George is amused but Lydia is disturbed. Lydia runs out of the room and begins to cry. George finds this funny because the room is only made up of holographic pictures. It is merely a machine that is creating the scene. George finds Lydia's reaction cute and "womanish".

Lydia! Oh, my dear poor sweet Lydia!"
"They almost got us!"
"Walls, Lydia, remember; crystal walls, that's all they are. Oh, they
look real, I must admit - Africa in your parlor - but it's all dimensional,
superreactionary, supersensitive color film and mental tape film behind
glass screens. It's all odorophonics and sonics, Lydia. Here's my