What does the following quote mean? (explain) and expand on the idea of Eliza seems extremely insecure about her own identity and character. She fears that even the smallest offense will lead people to look at her and treat her differently.

THE FLOWER GIRL [springing up terrified] I ain't done nothing wrong by speaking to the gentleman. I've a right to sell flowers if I keep off the kerb. [Hysterically] I'm a respectable girl: so help me, I never spoke to him except to ask him to buy a flower off me […] They'll take away my character and drive me on the streets for speaking to gentlemen. They— (19-20)

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This quote expresses Liza's insecurities about being a woman of low class. She is frustrated about her lack of control even over her simple job of selling flowers. She is smart enough to know she is being manipulated but does not understand the reasons why.