Pudd'nhead Wilson

How do the twins answer Rowena's wish for a grand climax to her glorious day? Explain the reaction of the townspeople.

chapter 6

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This certainly gives Rowena some spice to her life and town recognition that she so craves,

"Italians! How romantic! Just think, Ma -- there's never been one in this town, and everybody will be dying to see them, and they're all OURS! Think of that!"

The town too shared the excitement of the exotic coming to their town,

"Neighbor after neighbor, of both sexes, followed, and the procession drifted in and out all day and evening and all Wednesday and Thursday. The letter was read and reread until it was nearly worn out; everybody admired its courtly and gracious tone, and smooth and practiced style, everybody was sympathetic and excited, and the Coopers were steeped in happiness all the while."