Pride and Prejudice

Mrs Bennet is often criticized as a character for being foolish and vulgar about the way she seems to want nothing for her daughters but a "good" marriage. Isn't Mr Bennet similar in a way?

In the beginning of the second chapter, we find that Mr Bennet had always intended to visit Bingley but was just saying the opposite to his wife when she begged him to do so. Doesn't this show that he also was thinking of the same thing all along?

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Mr. Bennet wanted good matches for his daughters as well, he just didn't go about things or think about things in the same way his wife did.

Mr Bennet did want good husbands and stable futures for his daughters. The difference lies in the way each of them pursued that. Mrs Bennet went about this almost obsessively which is why she is labeled as foolish or vulgar.