Pride and Prejudice

lady catherine and mrs. bennet are a lot alike, but differ to. dicuss how they differ. give at least two examples from their own behavior-not from the narrators description or from the setting-that show how they differ?

at least 3 sent.

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Lady Catherine is really Austen's satire of an old grande dame. She is a domineering woman who gets her own way because of her station and money in life. Mrs. Bennet has some of these same traits without having L. Catherine's money and station in life. Mrs. Bennet tends to be overbearing. Unlike L. Catherine, Mrs. Bennet is also crude and sometimes vulgar. Mrs. Bennet knows her fortunes lie in her daughters marrying well. She pretty well forces situations in her loud and obnoxious way. In this sense, their aggressive personalities are similar.

can you please discuss how they differ and give examples ????

you didn't state their difference or did you