Pride and Prejudice

Is Elizabeth's conclusion about Darcy's relationship and treatment of Wickham consistent with the author's characterization of him?

Quote facts which either support Elizabeth's condemnation of him or which prove her error of judgement.

Chapter 16-17

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I don't think there is any evidence in Mr. Darcy's character that warrants Mr. Wikham's claims. Certainly Darcy might come of as snobbish but that is an expected trait among the rich in Victorian England. Elizabeth is naturally curious as to why Wickham and Darcy reacted so strangely when they met one another on the street, and hopes that her conversation with Wickham will provide some clues. Elizabeth's prejudgments of Darcy lead to a complete lack of objectivity. Elizabeth makes up her mind about people rather quickly but, even though wrong on occasion, we still love her convictions.