Pride and Prejudice

Characterize Jane by examining her responses to the Darcy- Wickham controversies, to Bingleys abscence to charlottes marriage, and then Ms. Bingleys letter.

Pride and Prejudice Volume II

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THat's quite a bit for this short space. I'll give you an overall characterization of Jane though. Then refer to the GradeSaver summary to match these traits with what you mentioned.

Jane is the oldest in the family. Beautiful, good-tempered, sweet, amiable, humble and selfless, Jane is universally well-liked. She refuses to judge anyone badly, always making excuses for people when Elizabeth brings their faults to her attention. Her tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt leads her to be hurt by insincere friends such as Caroline Bingley, although in the end her judgments seem to be more accurate than Elizabeth's overall and to do her much less harm. Jane is a static character‹as she is basically a model of virtue from the beginning, there is no room for her to develop in the novel.