Pride and Prejudice

Austen suggests that in order to marry well a woman must be pretty, respectable, and have money?

In the world of Pride and Prejudice, which of these is most important? Spare a thought for some of the unmarried women in the book-Mary and Kitty Bennett, Miss de Bourgh, Miss Georgiana Darcy, poor, disappointed Caroline Bingley. Which of them do you picture marrying some day? Which of them do you picture marrying well?

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You'll find an excellent article to help you formulate your answer at the link provided below.

"Pride and Prejudice -- Notes on Education, Marriage, Status of Women, etc."


i would like to know various People's Opinion can u share me urs Please :D?

Okay................... marriage was a contract; money was the most important factor involved. That's why Mrs. Bennett was so intent on marrying her daughters to the best advantage possible........ and why she believed that Lydia would make the best match (pretty, silly, and submissive). But that's not to say that the prettiest girls didn't make the best marriages........ or the earliest marriages.

The unmarried women in the book would most likely have found husbands had the novel continued, but possibly you'd see them married off not to the best looking young men................. rather the middle aged widower.