Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

What impression is Joyce attempting to recreate with the novel's opening paragraphs about the "'moocow" and "baby tuckoo"? Use quotes from the book

chapter 1 

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James is recreating Stephen Dedalus' earliest childhood, described to us in the terms a child would use: there are touches of baby talk, along with visceral imagery of his parents, his governessDante, and his Uncle Charles. One of his neighbours is a little girl named Eileen, and Stephen announces that when he is grown, he will marry her.


His father told him that story: his father looked at him through a glass: he had a hairy face.


When you wet the bed first it is warm then it gets cold. His mother put on the oilsheet.

Old enough to remember people and understand relationships-

The Vances lived in number seven. They had a different father and mother. They were Eileen’s father and mother. When they were grown up he was going to marry Eileen.



Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man