Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Stephen's attitude to woman in "A portrait of the Artist as a young man"

I need the information to do an oral exposition to unversity.

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As an adolescent, girls come to him as a divine revelation. He continues to walk along the beach. He comes across a beautiful girl, near his own age, wading in the water. The vision of her makes him feel something akin to divine discovery. In looking at her beauty, he feels "an outburst of profane joy" (195). "Profane," because in the Catholicism of Stephen's upbringing, his spiritual reaction to a girl's physical beauty is alien. He realizes that his fate is to "live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to create life out of life" (196). In allowing himself to enjoy the beauty of the girl, to believe in her beauty, Stephen accepts his own nature. Here is the theme of growing up as accepting one's own character and destiny.



I did not understand you very well, I need to make a presentation about five minutes to talk about what has Stephen attitude towards all women in the novel, he thinks of women. I think he sees women from two extremes sides, pure and holy as his mother, and the other hand to quench sex.

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