Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

How stephen overcomes the conflict in him between his egocentric bitherness and generosily of spirit to fly by the nrts and achieve freedom


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I'm not sure what "nrts" means but I think I can answer the question. I think it would be hard to argue that Stephen entirely transcends his ego, but he does find freedom by repudiating all of the forces that control him in the beginning of the book. He is willing to move away from his family obligations, he is willing to push away the confines of religious thought, he gets rid of his inner patriotic pressures, and moves towards the freedom of an artist, who is responsible only to his own yearnings and compulsions. It happens through the novel step by step, as he learns to trust his artistic instinct and not feel beholden to all of these limiting forces. But he's always a petulant little fellow - or at least that's my opinion.