Poe's Short Stories

The purloined letter, was not hidden. Which quote and page number is an example of that?


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From the text:

“At length my eyes, in going the circuit of the room, fell upon a trumpery fillagree card-rack of pasteboard, that hung dangling by a dirty blue ribbon, from a little brass knob just beneath the middle of the mantel-piece. In this rack, which had three or four compartments, were five or six visiting cards and a solitary letter. This last was much soiled and crumpled. It was torn nearly in two, across the middle—as if a design, in the first instance, to tear it entirely up as worthless, had been altered, or stayed, in the second. It had a large black seal, bearing the D— cipher very conspicuously, and was addressed, in a diminutive female hand, to D—, the minister, himself. It was thrust carelessly, and even, as it seemed, contemptuously, into one of the uppermost divisions of the rack.


The Purloined Letter

Thank you so much.

I just wonder.

1. Which page?

2. Is the whole text one quote?

It is all one quote. I was working with an etext.... sorry, there were no page numbers, and this is a "short" story.