what is the relevence of the theme LOCATION in Persuasion?

we have had this question in last years exam: LCATION in persuasion & I didn't succeed in that subject I thought it was too broad now that I have to sit for this exam again I guess it would be easier if I could get answer to that question first. Thank you in advance!

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Among Austen's novels, a story that takes place in as many locations as in Persuasion is rare. The relatively large number of locales is telling of the distinct social milieus that together make up the world of the novel. At Kellynch, we find a respectable titled family as well as a changing social order; at Uppercross, we find the happiness of an unpretentious wealthy family; at Lyme, we find life amid impressive nature and the fruits and dangers that it offers; and at Bath, we see all worlds converge. On an even more microcosmic level, streets and place are also assigned social importance: Camden Place and Laura Place in Bath are very respectable, for example, while the Westgate Buildings are not. The novel also suggests, however, that such fragmentation is superficial and can be reconciled by a mind with superior sensibilities. Anne, after all, enjoys the serene gardens of Kellynch as much as she does the bustle of Uppercross. For her, Camden Place and the Westgate Buildings represent no special difference per se; what is truly important is the people who live in such places.