Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

do you agree with marjane's parents parenting skills? why or why not?to

what did they do wrong?

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Given the time and the place, who could judge right or wrong? Marjane's parents were anti-government Marxists....... they were opinionated and weren't afraid to stand up for the things they believed in...... and this was how they raised her. Her parents were the most important factor in shaping her life.

Marjane's mother scoffed at good times and friends, she expected her daughter to focus and become the best she could be, "now is the time for learning. You have your whole life to have fun! What are you going to be when you grow up? In this country you have to know everything better than anyone else if you're going to survive!" (Persepolis, P. 113). Her parents expected her to put her education first, as an education would enable her to have a better life. Lastly, marjane's father didn't want her to get married, but he said nothing..... he wanted her to figure out her mistakes on her own. Would I warn my child if I believed her to be making a mistake in her marriage? Yes, I would, but it probably wouldn't matter because kids do what they want regardless....... maybe he was right.