Pamela: Or Virtue Rewarded

Do you think that she is hiding anything thing from her parents and from her readers?

I need to answer this question , please
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Richardson’s fiction commonly portrays individuals struggling to balance incompatible demands on their integrity: Pamela, for instance, must either compromise her own sense of right or offend her Master, who deserves her obedience except insofar as he makes illicit demands on her. This highly conscientious servant and Christian must work scrupulously to defy her Master’s will only to the degree that it is necessary to preserve her virtue; to do any less would be irreligious, while to do any more would be contumacious, and the successful balance of these conflicting claims represents the greatest expression of Pamela’s personal integrity. Much of this balance involves hiding an deception. You can check out more on this at the GradeSaver link below: