Shakespeare's Othello has been described as having a flimsy and unrealistic plot,which is only convincing if we think of Othello as a 'savage'.do you agree?

Reasons as to why it seems unrealistic and flimsy or realisitc and not flimsy

Examples from the text supporting the answer

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No, I don't agree with this at all. The plot is character driven. Othello is a man of absolutes. Under Iago's evil cunning, Othello was the perfect target. He loved Desdemona so much yet doubt plagued him like a cancer. Iago planted a seed of doubt in his head and we watched him unravel like an accordion. In that sense we watched a once great man and soldier be played like an accordion. The same decisiveness that makes Othello a great warrior is also his Achilles heel. Characters like "Evil Iago", the righteous loyal Desdemona, and the headstrong moor make this plot not "flimsy" but electric and intense.