Othello is not about rasicm, it is about jealousy, the greed of power, betrayal, deception and anger, Discuss this statement with reference to the attitudes of the other characters to Othello

Discuss the statement please.

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I would agree partially with your statement. I believe that the racism evident in the play is a consequence of the other factors you state.

We first see Othello referred to as 'thick lips' by Roderigo. He is intensely jealous of Othello as he has won the fair Desdemona. Roderigo has been deemed an unfit suitor by Brabantio, Desdemona's father. Brabantio relents this decision when he realises that Desdemona has married Othello, but again this is more to do with the loss of control of his daughter than racial prejudice.

Othello is respected in Venetian society for his military prowess. He is 'different' in terms of race, and this may see him outside society in some ways, but more important and distinguishing is his inability to manage his close personal relationships.