In Act 2 Scene 3, Can you comment on new developments in the following themes or motifs: a) Reason vs. Will b) Iago as Doppleganger c) Appearance vs. Reality d) Othello as Tragic Hero

Act 2 Scene 3

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A. Cassio reasons that he is on duty despite Iago's pleadings to have a drink. His will is not as strong as his reason and ends up falling for Iago's ploy.

B. Iago as a petty vilain full of spite and incessant scheming. He is Othello's doppleganger. Othello is is principled and open about his grievances. He settles scores in the open like a "man" and a gentleman soldier.

C. We see Othello's tragic flaw. He thinks in black and white. He sees in extremes with nothing in-between. Othello easily falls prey to manipulations about his absolute sense of loyalty, fidelity and honour.

Oh Appearance vs Reality- Certainly Iago's whole nasty plan to inflict upon Cassio and Iago, is dependant on appearance and reality.