Write the charactersketch of Imoinda in Oroonoko

The introduction of imoinda in oroonoko ,her character,her role and background

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The African beauty whom Oroonoko loves. She is sold into slavery after Oroonoko attempts to rescue her from his grandfather the king's otan.



Imoinda: "a beauty, that to describe her truly she was female to the noble male, the beautiful black Venus to our young Mars, as charming in her person as he, and of delicate virtues" (9).

The king, Oroonoko's grandfather, hears rumors of Imoinda's beauty. He has become increasingly feeble and yearns for his physical prowess to be rekindled. Although he knows of his grandson's attachment, he finds an opportunity to clandestinely view Imoinda. The old man cannot help himself, falls instantly in love, and sends Imoinda the royal veil which marks her as one of the king's women. It is the highest of honors, which no girl is allowed to refuse. Upon her arrival in the otan, the royal seraglio (which houses the king's women and where no man but the king is allowed to visit), Imoinda pleads and tells him of her binding promise to wed Oroonoko: "she was another's and could not be so happy his." But the king is absolutely enamored and puts aside his feelings for his grandson: "what love could not oblige Imoinda to do, duty would compel her to" (12).