One Hundred Years of Solitude

is the solitude a choice or a fate we can't escape from ????!!!!! is it a result of series of wrong actions and decissions or was it just a fate they have to fate from the very beginning of the novel ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

why these peopble suffered fro solitude,

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"Solid, monumental like his grandfather, but with a joie de vivre and an irresistible good humor that they did not have, Aureliano Segundo scarcely had time to look after his animals. All he had to do was to take Petra Cotes to his breeding grounds and have her ride across his land in order to have every animal succumb to the plague of proliferation. Like all the good things that occurred in his long life, that tremendous fortune had its origins in chance." (from page 207 of One Hundred Years of Solitude)

Solitude for the Buendías was not a choice but rather fate. The author presents them not only as isolated from the rest of the world, but also as strangers to each other living in the same home. Their story reveals how limited an individual really is in the control of their own destiny, how heredity and environment shape our identities, and how depending on our experiences and circumstances each person's will react to their own.

The story's character are disappointed time after time, and circumstances prevent them from living their dreams. Thus, their lives become nothing more than what they see as suffering, and their response is to close themselves up in the safety of solitude. Becuase of this, we see that they've accepted their fate rather than made a choice to change that fate.


One Hundred Years of Solitude