One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

What happens to the mood when the orderlies try to wash George?

part 4 , chapter one 

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Nurse Ratched orders a cautionary cleansing for the patients in which the men must line up nude against the tile of the shower room and be cleaned by the black boys. The boys tormentGeorge Sorenson because he refuses soap and then refuses to bend over for a different cleaning treatment, but McMurphy defends Sorenson. Washington, one of the boys, punches McMurphy, kindling a melee between McMurphy and all of the boys. Chief Bromden takes up the fight with one of the boys as McMurphy’s new ally, and the two eventually are victorious. The smallest boy manages to run and get help from the Disturbed Ward. Soon help arrives and people take McMurphy and Bromden away.