Of Mice and Men

who said and whom and purpose of saying it?

"well, I can't stand him here."

with us it ain't like that. we got future. we got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us."

"ain't many guys travel aound together. I don't know why?"

"s'pouse I went in with you guys.tha's three hundred an fifty bucks i'd out in."

" you're nuts, but you are kinda nice fella jus' like big baby".

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1. Carlson is saying this about Candy's old dog. Carlson thinks he smells and needs to be put down. It is directed at Candy.

2. George says this to Lennie quite often. The statement validates their friendship in a very lonely world.

3. Slim says this to George. He wonders why guys don't travel together like Lennie and George.

4. Candy says this to George and Lennie (mainly to George) He wants to be part of their little dream farm that George plans to buy from a "broke" old couple.

5. Curly's wife (she doesn't get a name, she is his property) says this to Lennie. She is flirting with Lennie because she is that lonely. Lenny is the only one who will talk to her.