Of Mice and Men

when was the first and last time in the book that we see slim, candy, curley, his wife and crooks?

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That would be when George borrow's Carlson's gun and goes to meet Lennie.

All of the people you mentioned are never in a scene together. The book ends just after George shoots Lennie near the stream.

noo i didnt mean in a scene together i meant the characters individually, when was the first time we see them and the last, for each character

Slim first seen at the ranch in early chapters last seen near the barn where murder scene took place.

Candy first seen when George and Lennie enter the bunkhouse. Last person George sees before shooting Lennie at the end.

Curley's wife first seen "looking" for Curley in the bunkhouse last seen dead in the barn.

Crooks first seen walking across property in the beginning and last seen in his little room with Lennie/Candy/ Curley's wife.

what do you mean crooks walking across property?