Of Mice and Men

What is Lennie's exact mental disability?

His disability. . .

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Lennie is schizophrenic which is when he is imagining things that aren't real. Lennie was talking to his aunt and a rabbit, which is his mental disability.


Of Mice and Men by John Steinback

He is "mentally challenged." He seems not to have much understanding of his strength and cannot control his emotions. He is unable to read people and has few social skills. This question has been answered once before 82 times.

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Exactly. Lennie's disability is schizophrenic. He is mentally challenged. He can't control his emotions. He is unable to read people and has few social skills.

Lennie is not schizophrenic I am schizophrenic and there's no evidence to suggest he is, Lennie is classic autistic idiots you offend me schizophrenic people are often quite aware

Lennie is not autistic. In the first chapter, he senses he has the high ground in the conversation, implying he can sense soical clues. One of the main symptoms of autism is the inability to sense those sorts of things.

Possible exhibiting Lennies conditions are Gigantism and Acromegal, Dissociative Disorders, and possibly Autism.

Lennie is not schizophrenic or autistic.

What we're witnessing in chapter 9 is a psychotic break due to the trauma of killing a woman and knowing he can't tend to rabbits. Schozophrenia is prolonged with frequent breaks from reality. Lennie is not autistic because even though he's not bright enough to follow most conversation her understands social cues and facial expression. I don't know what Lennie's disability is but its most likely damage to the memory and impulse control part of his brain.

Who cares he's just mentally handicapped and it really doesn't make any difference in the story what is wrong with him.

This question is overthought. Although Lennie shows signs of several other mental disorders, my conclusion is that he is retarded. The exact definition of retard is "less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age." This PERFECTLY describes Lennie's character and all of the symptoms that he exhibits. As George says in the novel, "He's dumb as hell, but he ain't crazy."