Of Mice and Men

I've got a literature test on Friday on 'Of Mice and Men' anything I should be knowing or focusing on??

All answers welcome :) ????????????

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Themes are always a good place to begin. Consider the relationship between George and Lenny. Themes of trust, loyalty and love come to mind. Although George often reflects how much easier his life would be without Lenny, the two care for each other a great deal. Isolation is another theme. During the depression these men travelled from job to job away from families or loved ones. George and Lenny had each other. They had no money but they had each other's loyalty and unconditional love. Loneliness permeates this novel. Besides George and Lenny, every character feels alone. Curly, Curly's wife, Candy and Crooks all exist in a world without roots or real love. Hope this helps a little.

Thanks Aslan good advice :)

OMG I have one tomorrow too. I think the main themes you need focus on are:



the american dream*

discrimination (racism, sexism, ageism)

For the american dream, you will need to know a bit about the Great Depression in America 1930's to fully understand and be able to explain it if you plan on using it in your answer. The discrimination one is pretty simple. The racism is towards Crooks, the sexism is towards Curley's wife and the ageism is towards Candy and even Candy's dog. You also need to be able to comment George and Lennie's friendship and how it was rare in the time of the Great Depression. lastly loneliness is shown through Curley's wife and Crooks.. maybe through some other characters too but I have yet to find out how. And also my English teacher said there will probably be a question on how Steinbeck uses the setting at the start of every chapter so I suggest you take a look at the setting as well.

hope this helps cause I certainly don't know what else to revise on :L