Of Mice and Men

in the book of mice and men Describe Lennie’s physical and mental characteristics.

Describe Lennie’s physical and mental characteristics.

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Lennie is a very big man and has incredible strength.

Mentally, Lennie is childlike; he's trusting and innocent, but most of all he's helpless and dependent on George for all of his needs. Thus, he has a blind devotion to George and is as loyal as his mental capacity allows him to be. Lennie has an over powering love for soft things; he wants to hold things that are soft (bunnies, lady's dresses, and young puppies), he wants to stroke and pet them. This compulsion in addition to his great strength causes a lot of unintended harm, beginning with the mouse and culminating in the murder of Curly's wife.


Of Mice and Men

he like to pet soft things but when the animal gets scare he pets it harder and kill it