Of Mice and Men

i need a PEE paragraph to show how realtionship is presented by steibeck when candy comes in crook's room in chapter4

only should be related to chapter 4

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I have to ask you............ are you using this chapter for an essay on relationships? You've asked the same question in various ways over the last few days, but obviously the specific details you're looking for haven't shown up yet.

This is a short answer forum, and I think you;re looking for a lot more than a short answer. If I'm wrong, use the PEE bullets to cite exactly what you're looking for that you haven't found.

yh it is for an essay

Pay attention to how the people treat one another. Each (other than Lennie) tries to be "on top" by putting others down. (There's P--point)) Then explain a couple times when people do that. Candy does it to Curley's wife, and the wife does it to Candy and to Crooks. Use a summary or a quote (That's E--evidence). Then tell what you think this example shows about human relationships. (That's E--explanation)