Of Mice and Men

how is candy's relationship with his dog reflective of george's relationship with lennie?

to describe the relationships of both candy and his dog, with their relationship with george and lennie

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Candy's dog is to Candy is as Lennie is to George. Both are Lennie and Candy's dog are both considered liabilities on their own. Lennie is strong and can work hard but without George, he is merely like a child. Candy's dog is a liability because, like Lenny, he is completely dependent on someone else. I a world that only rewarded productivity of the fittest; there was no place for the dog and Lennie. Their only saving grace was a person who loved them. The shooting of the dog becomes a harbinger for the shooting of Lenny. This is classic Steinbeck!

Candy and his dag have a very strong friendship. They mirror each other in the novel in that both are old and have out gone their use on the ranch. Their friendship is an unusual one as most of the ranch workers would not think of an animal as a companion just as a necessity. When it has gone past its usage it would be killed but Candy loves his dog and tries to protect it from the other men. Candy and his dog have been together for a long time, we learn this when Candy says he had him from a pup and that he was a very good sheepdog.