Of Mice and Men

How far do you agree that George, Curley's Wife and Crooks do not have any power?

I have to write at least 2 A4 file pages on the question. I understand ways they lack power (George can't stop Curley hunting Lennie, Curley's Wife being the only woman and Crooks being the only black person), I also have to provide a counter arguement, (George and Crooks have power over Lennie, Curley's Wife can use Curley to threaten workers). I don't understand how to write at least 2 pages of this never mind the fact it has to be detailed.

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None of these characters possess any power whatsoever. George has to take care of Lennie, which is his first priority. Lennie's misbehavior dictates George's actions. Curley's wife is full of bluster, but that is her only recourse. Her movements are constantly monitered by her husband, and although she succeeds in disarming him with her flirtacious behavior, he is the power holder in their relationship. Crook's is defenseless no matter which way he turns. He's cripple, afraid of losing his position, and a victim of racism. The men don't like him because he's black, and Curley's wife can threaten him for the same reason.


Of Mice and Men