Of Mice and Men

How does steinbeck use the presentation of relationships in Of Mice And Men

could you please list some relationships (Curley and his wife, Candy and his Dog, George and slim, curley and lennie etc.) in the Novella,what they potray and how they relate to context aswell as themes Thanksssss

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George and Lennie: George plays the father figure here, Lennie's guardoan. Lennie is submissive to George's authority and looks to him for guidance.

Candy and his dog portray another type of relationship, companionship. Candy loves the dog and sees him as his family, his only true friend. The dog of course loves his master and serves him loyally..... unconditional love.

Curly and his wife are man and wife..... that's where it begins and ends. Curly's wife feels isolated and ignored, she did not get what she wanted from her marriage. Curly on the other hand wanted a wife but nothing else. He doesn't need her and spends most of his time portraying the jealous husband. He's insecure and his jealousy drive the couple which wasn't close further and further away. They are man and wife and strangers at the same time.


Of Mice and Men