Of Mice and Men

how does steinbeck present ideas of heroism and villainy in section 5-6 of the novella

How is the idea of being heroic or villainous presented? i.e Steinbeck uses religious associations to present Slim as force for good.

How does quotes develop the idea of heroism or villainy?

How has Steinbeck used his techniques to develop his message

How does a key word focus or develop the meaning?

What does Steinbeck want to show us about the cause/effects/implications of heroism or villainy? - He uses religious imagery to develop the idea that Slim is a HEro, which justifies his forgiveness of George at the end of the novella

Steinbeck's Techniques are

Powerful adjectives,Interesting Verbs, Imagery, Metaphor, Simile, Foreshadowing, Repetitions, Expletives, Dialogue,Symbolism,Motifs, Emotive language, Religious associations, Setting

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Hey, I'm not sure what you are after here. Really any villainy in the novel is through Curley, the boss's son. He's got his own issues (small guy complex) which he takes out on Lennie who is unable to understand things. The heroism can be seen in George's agonizing decision to end his friend's life.

You need to submit each question separately (one by one), it is a little confusing the way you have it.