Of Mice and Men

HELP .... Explore how steinbeck presents the relationship between Curley and other characters in the novel ...... Please answer with QUOTATIONS and PAGE REFERENCES ..... THANK YOU

curleys realtionship with other characters

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Curly is the bosses son. He has a bad case of small guy complex. Curley is constantly angry because he really loathes himself. He spends his time threatening people who he percieves are scared of him or can't fight back. Curly, of course, goes after Lennie, "What the hell you laughin' at?....Come on, ya big ba---. Get up on your feet. No big son---is gonna laugh at me. I'll show ya who's yella." My page numbers is probably different from yours.

amnah, why don't you read the book yourself instead of asking others to do your thinking for you? The book is short and is a really good story. Find the quotes yourself. Every time Curley appears, he shows his relationships with other people. Candy comments on him too, about how he is little and used to be a boxer. Start there. It's in chapter 2.

I think that Curley thinks because he is the boss's son he can do anything

CoCo is correct!